18 August 02011

We've just posted another "new" old recording, "Faintly Oleander", which dates from the final recording sessions for "Route Canal Diary", but didn't seem to fit with the mood of that collection. Stream it right here, or jump over to Bandcamp to purchase the uncompressed track. Enjoy!

17 August 02011

We are excited by our new web presence at BandCamp, and have been working to make more material available through that site, including the recently out of print CD "Camphor and Caraway". We do plan on re-pressing this album as a CD in the future, but for the time being, all the tracks are available for download as "CD quality" files from the BandCamp site. We've also included new links on this site from each of the releases "Info" pages, which allows streaming the music via BandCamp. Look for the discrete little 'play arrows' near the top of each page.

Please check back here for updates on upcoming releases, including Kent Sparling's scores to Wayne Wang's "The Princess of Nebraska", and Frazer Bradshaw's "Everything Strange and New"; more info coming soon.

4 August 02011

We are pleased to present new recordings by Kent Sparling via our new web presence at BandCamp. KS has been working this year on a series called "40 Exertions", and several pieces from the series will be available for purchase at a very reasonable price. The source files are uncompressed .wav files, not mp3s, so the fidelity is technically "better" than CD quality. You may choose from any number of download file formats to suit your taste. We hope you find something you enjoy.

It's a tough world out there for the independent artist - we recently did a little web search and discovered that KS's "Leaf Spring" CD has had more than 6000 "free" torrent downloads. That represents a really significant loss of potential income for a self-funded musician, and so we would kindly ask you to purchase your tracks from trusted sellers with whom we partner - each one of those 6000 people thought it didn't really matter that they were stealing music, but it certainly adds up. Thanks for indulging our soapbox.

27 October 02009

Today marks the CD release of the original score for Eduardo Sanchez's film "Seventh Moon". It is being released by ERM Media, and is available from Amazon, iTunes and your favorite online and physical resellers.

7 June 02008

Kent Sparling has, with Antonio Cora, composed the original score for Eduardo Sanchez's new film "Seventh Moon". The music is currently being mixed by Leslie Ann Jones at Skywalker Sound, and the film will be completed in early July. Check the Haxan Films site for more information on "Seventh Moon".

15 October 02007

We've been digging through old master tapes recently, and have discovered a few recordings that merit wider exposure for the curious listener. Thus we have created a new page on this website which serves as a repository of lost musical experiments; we'll be posting high-quality mp3 files of unreleased material, along with notes and information where available. These mp3s are cost-free, but you are always welcome to make a donation for such things through our pals at PayPal. Click through here to do just that.

Thanks for visiting - it's always a pleasure having you.

1 June 02007

Kent Sparling has composed the original score for Wayne Wang's new film "The Princess of Nebraska". The film will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival, and will be released later this year.

1 December 02006

Purling and the Jicama Salad Company announce the release of two new extended ambient works by Kent Sparling: "Evening Air, Freeway Birds, No Wind Birds", and "Indian King". Both are CD-R releases, numbered in a limited edition of 200 copies, and presented in hand-made, letterpress-printed covers of laminated recycled paperstock. They are released on 26 December 02006. Each album features a single 60-minute composition suitable for any occasion.

As with all of our releases, these albums are available through CDBaby and Amazon, as well as right here, direct from the Jicama Salad Company, and in SF Bay Area record shops which stock local indie experimental music. Legal download versions can be found in the iTunes store and other web locations. Illegal downloads can be found almost anywhere.

28 December 02003

Purling and the Jicama Salad Company announce the release of "Leaf Spring", by Kent Sparling with Jeffrey Foster, on 30 December 02003. The album includes 5 pieces, each with a sibling remix, which were composed between January 1997 and March 2003 at workshops in Vancouver, BC, Inverness, CA and Berkeley, CA. The album is available through CDBaby and Amazon, as well as right here, direct from the Jicama Salad Company, and in SF Bay Area record shops which stock local indie experimental music.

The album goes to college and community radio in the beginning of January 02004, and has been sent to print and web 'zines for review consideration. Check this space for more info as airplay and reviews come in, and sign up on the to be informed about live performances in 02004.

03November 02003

The first major design revision of the Purling website since our 1999 launch precedes the release of the new album by Kent Sparling, "Leaf Spring". The record is currently being mastered by Yogi Scharpf at Golden Gate Mastering, in California. Graphic design and layout work is being completed by Derek von Essen in British Columbia. "Leaf Spring" is slated for a December release.